A cataract is the progressive cloudiness of the crystalline lens. The crystalline lens is the transparent structure found behind the iris which provides the fine focusing power for the eye. As compared to a camera, a cloudy lens prevents the ability to focus detailed images. Early cataract symptoms include difficulty with seeing at night or in dimly lit conditions, difficulty with glare, difficulty with night driving due to glare, loss of color intensity, waxy vision or blurry vision, and eventual loss of vision as the cataract progresses. Cataracts can progress so slowly that some patients may not notice the changes in their vision: therefore, it is helpful to have routine eye exams. Most cataracts are the result of age related changes leading to progressive opacification of the crystalline lens. Some factors which can affect the development of cataracts are diabetes, inflammation of the eye, injury to the eye, smoking, long term corticosteroid use, and radiation exposure. Mild cataracts may cause changes in your glass prescription and can sometimes be compensated by updating your glasses. More significant cataract may require Cataract Surgery.

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